Thursday, September 29

No T.V. Wednesday

Back-to-School Resolution #3
(I know it is the end of September. Don't judge.)
One day a week with no T.V,
an opportunity to focus on other things,
not a day of torture as my daughter thinks.
1. "Face Time" video chat with Dad.
2. Tennis - perfect day for outside play
3. Play time with Sofie
4. Dinner at the dinning room table


Natasha said...

We gave up cable when we put Luci in private school to help financially. Doesn't bother me a bit but Griffin misses it especially on weekends.

Love the tennis pic! Your dinner in the dining room reminds me we need to do that more often. We always eat together but usually just at the kitchen table and I am constantly up and down to fetch things!

Melinda said...

That is a really great idea! I should bring it up at dinner and see what the family thinks. I am sure there will be wailing of tears, bodies thrown all over the floor. I really want to try it!

patsy said...

What a great idea!
Only one day... It's not impossible?!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

love the picture of sofie on the back of the chair..

Jill said...

I think goals are a good idea anytime! No TV one day a week is a good idea. I think it would actually be liberating to have it off my radar sometimes.