Thursday, August 16

2012 : week 33

Back-to-School week

Class Schedule:
Advanced English - Powell
Science - McInnis
PreAlgebra - Bielstein
History - Powe
Bible - Young
Basketball - Lofton
Language Rotation - White

Insight by Carly...
Everybody calls Ms White, Madame La Blanc. (French humor?)
5 minutes is not enough time to get to the gym and change clothes.
Coach Lofton says some people leave their practice jerseys all week...that's just gross!!
I think I'm going to like Mr Powe, he's funny.
Yuck! How do you dissect a worm anyway?


Natasha said...

great post idea, I should do this for my kids!

Doodle Bugs said...

Hope it is still going good! I need to know about ballgames.. is a schedule online?