Thursday, September 20

2012 : week 38

Carly played softball at Jackson Prep this week
and it turned into a mini family reunion.

 Celeste, Denise, Beege, Libba and Woody made it.
JC had karate.  We missed seeing you JC!

I asked Carly did she feel special.
She said "yeah, REALLY special".

Grandaddy made it.
MamMam and Aunt Kacey made it too.
Missed Uncle Rocky.
Carly said he probably wouldn't enjoy a ballgame.
So one day, we will have to get him to one.


Natasha said...

Go Carly! How fun to have all that support!

Keetha Broyles said...

Hi Kim Sue!

I have a teacher voice too, I was kidding about NOT.

Good answer about the weeds, and I believe you are right! Give that girl an a+ and a sticker!

So glad to see these pictures of Carly getting pulled into new social groups in your new community!!

Melinda said...

That is really awesome so many family came and supported Carly and your family! We live 5 mins from grandparents and they never come to my kids things.

libba said...

so glad we could get to see her play...even if we could stay for only 30 min! love yall!