Thursday, July 5

Happy Birthday America

I love holidays. Usually I start at the end of September and make my way through February on a holiday high. I move from a house full of pumpkins and cute little witches to turkeys and all out by the time Christmas comes. I round out the fun with 2 birthdays and Valentine's Day in February. I LOVE holiday season, as I refer to it.
But I have never gotten geared up for July 4th. July 4th has always been just another day in the summer mindset....out of school, taking it easy, playing in some kind of water, and eating homegrown veggies. It is usually dominated by the mindset that it is just TOO HOT to move. But this year has just given me a whole new appreciation for this holiday. We had a wonderful weekend at the lake playing in the water, eating "traditional" July 4th food, enjoying family. Then, we spent the evening on Hernando town square surrounded by red, white, and blue. And last night, we went to see fireworks. And, I mean FIREWORKS! What else can you ask for?
Happy Birthday America......

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