Wednesday, July 4

Small Town U.S.A.

It felt like we were IN a movie. Sometimes Hollywood has to try really hard to capture the Norman Rockwell-small-town feeling. But, last night Carly and I were right in the middle of it. I don't think any set designer or movie director could have made it more perfectly "small town". Carly and I went downtown to Hernando's Town Square. There were American flags everywhere only to be outnumbered by some of the cutest all-American kids that you have ever seen. Everyone was gathering for the "kid parade" around the square.
I could not talk Carly into it. She wanted to watch.
We got out at the square and Carly rode her scooter around. We ate popcorn and hotdogs and watched the people. We enjoyed being outside and got ready for the fun.
The fire truck led the way. Kids were everywhere. Some were walking but most were on scooters, bikes, riding toys, and even a unicycle. There was red, white & blue everywhere! Flags and more flags were being waved. Some kids had worn red shirts and shown up on their bikes. Some kids (and parents) had gone ALL OUT! I had to take a couple of pictures.
After the parade was over, everyone came over to the Courthouse lawn where the fun was just beginning. There was lots of visiting , some partiotic singing, words of rememberance, prayer, and picnicing. I'm not lying to you when I say that I saw people with hotdogs, fried chicken, BBQ, AND watermelon.

Everyone spread out blankets and set up chairs because the feature of the night was an outdoor movie on the Courthouse steps. When I tell you, the movie was My Dog Skip based on the book by Willie Morris taking place in small town Yazoo City and filmed in small town Canton, your starting to get the picture, right?

I told you, it was perfect!

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Looks like a blast! Hernando is such a great little town :o) Hope you had a great 4th. Mom and Dad cooked a big lunch ..wish you could have been there :o)