Wednesday, August 8

Jump Back-to-School

Jump Back to School is the latest service project by the woman's civic group I am a member of.
JA throws a back-to-school party at a local park, giving out backpacks full of supplies and new tennis shoes to a list of kids and families provided by our Dept of Children Services. Here is the link to the article that was in the newspaper,1426,MCA_451_5659720,00.html
Great job to the ladies who worked on this project
and helped pull off a great day!
For more information about JA of Desoto County, check out our website

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Keetha said...

Please post or email me your book list! I'm always looking for recommendations.

Last wkend at the Miss. Writers Guild conference, I met Joshilyn Jackson (gods in Alabama) and she was great. Her new book comes out in the spring.

Also, I think from now on I will do a monthly book review post. That huge one took forever to do and it's very long to read!