Friday, October 26

our Italian friend

{Celeste, Carly, Maurizio - outside the polar bears}
Maurizio, a friend (long story short...originally a friend of Kenny's Italian cousin - now our friend too) was in the states from Italy.
Two years ago, Kenny and I went with Celeste (Kenny's mom) to Italy. Maurizio met us at the airport and was our personal tour guide, chauffeur, self appointed protector, translator, and expert on all things Italian (well except maybe anything to do with a museum).
Maurizio had already been in the States for a couple of weeks - mostly out West. He and Celeste came up to visit and spend one night. There are several "tourist" spots in the Memphis area such as Elvis's Graceland, Mud Island, Downtown, Sun Studio, Gibson Guitar Factor, etc.
Did we do any of those things? Nope.
(I am NOT going to mention that we took our guest to WalMart
but we did need a couple of provisions)
  • First, Carly had a soccer game - a.k.a football.
  • Then we grabbed lunch at a place close to the soccer field. Maurizio ordered pizza. This is so wrong in so many ways. Not that the pizza at this restaurant is not good - in fact it is excellent - IF you have never eaten pizza IN Italy. But as always he was gracious.
  • Finally, we were off on our way to the Memphis Zoo. It was the perfect day. The weather was about as good as it gets here - It warmed up to the high 70's with sunshine ALL day. Memphis has an excellent zoo and with the weather as "bella" as it was there was no way not to enjoy oneself.
  • Last, we were off for sushi. We all love sushi - Carly loves edamame, clear soup, and gyoza. Maurizio had never had sushi - so it was a new experience - I think he liked it.
  • Back at home, we got the Italy map out and started planning our next trip!! There were lots of stories about the last trip and excitement about seeing new things.

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Keetha said...

What a cool culture exchange!