Thursday, November 1

october reads

  • The Prince of Beverly Hills by Stuart Woods

Typically, I like books that take place "today". This book took place in the 1940's. About a cop turned security at a movie study turned movie producer but mostly about a couple of characters and their intertwined lives. A glimpse into the glamourous movie world pre-WWII.

  • The 6th Target by James Patterson

Either I have changed or Patterson's writing has changed. It just seems really shallow these days. No character development, poor plot development, minimal twists and turns. I think I am going to stay away for a while.

  • The Little Guide to Your Well Read Life by Steve Leveen

Steve Leveen is the founder of Levenger (company known for "tools for serious readers") Non-fiction with pointers on how to add books to your life. Many of them I already do such as making a "to read" list, putting together a library for you home including books you want to read, that it is okay to give up on a book if it is not for you, and to try audio books.

  • New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

Follow up to Eclipse (which I loved). I really enjoyed this one but not quite as good as the first one. It is hard to explain so that it even sounds good. It is about a family of vampires and the non-vampire girl who falls in love with one of the vampires. Great character development, imagination, humor, anticipation, and a wonder of what is going to happen next.

  • Gone with the Wind - by Margaret Mitchell

It has been on my "to read" shelf for a while and my "to read" list for even longer. I started it while we were at the beach and when I broke it out Kenny said "Gone with the Wind....why not just go ahead and read War and Peace". It did feel a little daunting at 1037 small typed pages. It did take me a couple hundred of pages to get into it, but then I enjoyed every minute. For someone who does not typically read books set in the past, I read one set in the 1940's and this one in the 1840's.


Natasha said...

Maybe this post will get me going. I read/write so much for work (I do some grant writing) that I rarely read for pleasure. I bought two books to read this weekend - we are going away to the country for a few days and I thought I could read and relax while Luci and Griffin pick vegetables and feed animals! said...

I actually had a thought the other day that I have never read Gone with the Wind.. but the whole historical fiction deal is not pleasing to me at all.

I just finished Denise Jackson's (Alan Jacksons wife).. Its All About Him. I just walked by it at the library and thought I would pick it up and scan it.

I actually read it all in 2 days. (even read some at your house last weekend when I was not catching up on sleep). It was really good and I enjoyed it alot. If it was not for the library I would have never picked it up!

Keetha said...

Kim Sue. Girlfriend. You'd never read Gone With the Wind?? How can that be?

I like Stuart Woods and hadn't heard of The Prince of Beverly Hills - it sounds good. I'm going to look for it at the library.

By the by, when you have a minute, please visit my blog. You may recognize some of the items picture. Or you may have blocked that horror from your mind, as I had until I found them.

Sue said...

I love Gone With The Wind. I read it all in one night, back when I was, 18 or something. It captivated me.