Saturday, January 3

later that day

We ate what was initially scheduled to be brunch but as I explained to Carly that when you eat the meal at 8:30 it is just called breakfast. We had biscuits, sausage, hashbrown casserole, and fruit. Yum! There was some discussion of pulling out the leftover ribs but we stuck to the more traditional sausage.
Carly opened number 25 on the countdown box which has traditionally been a poem containing the clue to find a new family game. This year's was multiple clues which we all decided were too easy for Carly. The last clue said
"you are so close to seeking me out,
I better not see you pout.
Sorry to cause you so much strife,
but if you fell in the water, I might save your life."
which led her to her life jacket where she found the game of Life
MamMam and Grandaddy's Christmas morning photo Carly gives Kenny and I presents. This year she gave Kenny a pottery box she had made, a new photo for his desk, and a cool paisley shirt.
She gave me a new hammock for the backyard.
Carly got a couple gifts from us -
a new game for the Wii and a new pair of camo pants.
a wonderful laid back day full of family time


Jill said...

How great that she gave you a hammock! You can do some quality reading and napping in that.

Natasha said...

I would love a hammock and that breakfast sounds delicious.