Saturday, January 3

santa has been here!

"Santa Rocks!"
Julie got a new bed, fun linens, a rug and a bean bag!
Things from Carly's letter to Santa showed up like clay, iTunes gift card, webkin, stuff for her American Girl doll, and treats for Gabby. And of course there were surprises like tennis balls and hopper, books, Kung Fu Panda the movie, a friendship bracelet kit, and that crazy finger pointer (like Daddy says we are easily amused).
A typical Christmas morning photo - pajamas, no makeup, sleepy faces, and bed hair.
The aftermath....
"santa" paper from Santa with sticky premade bows.
It is the same every year :o)


Jill said...

It looks like a bounty of goodness from Santa. said...

There's the pointy finger!!!!!!!!!!!