Saturday, April 4

burger nite

I tend to overplan when I invite others over. I think about a menu, I think about new recipes to try, I think about what we have done before, I think about dishes vs paper products, I think about cleaning, I think about buying a new candle for the bathroom. Kenny doesn't. We are either free and up for company or we're not. We are good for each other.
Thursday night after we made it home from the basketball game and gotten Carly in the shower, it was 8:30. Kenny asks if we want to invite some people over tomorrow night for burgers? What? That's not enough time to plan (worry). That's not enough time to invite people. That's not enough time to plan food and get to the grocery. That's not enough time to clean the bathroom much less buy a new Easter hand towel.
Turns is plenty of time for a house full of friends that surprisingly didn't have plans and were excited about getting out of the house and spending a relaxing evening with friends.
We had a house full including 7 sweet girls. They showed up with bikes and scooters and played for hours in the driveway and cove. When they weren't playing out front, they were in the back taking turns on the rope swing. Someone brought glow bracelets and one time all you could see in the backyard was a bunch of little glowing circles moving around.
The youngest of the crew was initially scared of the dog, the fire in the fire pit, all the people, noise and I think, pretty much being at my house. By the end of the night she was crying because she didn't want to go home and thought she might just spend the night. I think it was a success.
We laughed so much that a couple times the kids came in to check on us. One of them came in and asked was everything okay. We asked if we were too loud. She said that she couldn't hear us, but that she could see her dad through the window and he was so red that she thought he was going to explode. There was lots of joking that I think will be inside jokes for years to come. We decided that men & women's bucket lists are MUCH different and that you should be VERY afraid of what pictures from your college years end up on facebook!
Elizabeth made the comment "I don't think there is anybody, anywhere, that can be having any more fun than we are!" I love that.
good friends-good times


patsy said...

what a great night!!

This inspires me to maybe invite someone over-- I am a compulsive overplanner myself... it's really hard to overcome.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

You're so many times we overplan we underproduce. I'm glad you went with the flow and had a get-together. Glow bracelets is a great idea!

Keetha said...

And just think of the life memory you made for those kids!!!

linda said...

It looks and sounds like everyone had a great time! How nice of you to overcome the initial "shock" and proceed with burger nite. Sometimes impromtu get-togethers are the best!

You've got a great looking group of friends Kim Sue!

lelly said...

this sounds like the perfect night with the perfect people! i tend to over-plan, or plan to over-plan, and i think i plan myself out of a lot of opportunities like this... so glad you jumped right in and had fun!

Melinda said...

I love when things can come together like that especially when they weren't long planned out. Sounds like it was a perfect night.

Thank you so much for the card and popcorn. That is a favorite of mine. Thanks so much!!

Shar said...

I'm like you. I like to plan things out. But sometimes the more spontaneous things are the best.

calista said...

Hey, I know some of those hams!! Glad you guys had a blast. And sorry I missed Caroline's party. Tracy told me "there was a lady there that wanted to meet you"...I said, "that must of been Kim Sue" which he replied, "so people really read your blog...." gee, thanks honey!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had such a great time. I also love that Carly has Miss M. I tell Caroline that Emily is her precious gift from God. There is nothing more precious than a best friend from childhood. Happy Easter. XO Kimberly

Alisa said...

Most often it is good to go with the flow and just have company over. It is restorative to have others over- and to laugh- that is such a gift! I bet everyone went home so glad to have been in your home!

Alisa said...

Most often it is good to go with the flow and just have company over. It is restorative to have others over- and to laugh- that is such a gift! I bet everyone went home so glad to have been in your home!