Monday, April 6

the hunt is on

Rain had been predicted for most of Sunday but in true meteorologist fashion, there was none. It was good news for the Easter egg hunt. Carly invited her friend Miss M to go with her which was good since Carly was bordering on thinking she was too big for an egg hunt.
There were art projects set up in the fellowship hall and cupcakes. There were directions to add certain color jellybeans to your cupcake, each having a special meaning. Carly and M both started with the 5 colors named but quickly had a cupcake full.
In the kitchen, they had the mission project set up. The kids were taking 2 dough balls and making them into a cross. They were going to bake them and the teens were delivering them to shut-ins this week. It was a little amusing to watch them try and handle sticky dough with those cheap plastic gloves on.
Then it was time for the big hunt. I might have gotten a couple of more pictures if the wind had not been blowing 30 miles an hour. I was also cold and Carly didn't want to stand still. In fact, she asked me "can't THAT wait until AFTER the hunt is over".
At one point I hear some parents telling their children to get out of the hedge because there is poison ivy. I go around the corner to find Carly squeezed in between the hedge and the church hunting....Carly, didn't you hear everyone talking about poison ivy? (Miss it-took-us-all-fall-including-3-doctor's-visits to get rid of it the last time) but Moooooom, there are still eggs back there that no one can get to. No, really?


patsy said...

Oh my gosh--- poison ivy...?? I would've lost it & swore or something right there next to the church! that stuff is bad-

we haven't had an Easter egg hunt yet & may have to do it after Easter- there's no law against that right?

Celeste said...


Little*Precious Boutique said...

Carly has gotten so grown up in the past few months...she's looking more & more like a little lady instead of a little girl!

Poisin Ivy is ROUGH!
We week Burt's Bees Poision Ivy soap in the drawer here!! Whew!

Melinda said...

I sure hope she didn't get the poison ivy. That would be no fun. I am glad you had a fun time.

Shar said...

I love the first picture. Glad you had good weather.

Natasha said...

Luci was on the verge of not doing the egg hunt this year too - thank goodness they decided they weren't too old afterall!

Alisa said...

We made it through one more year with all the kids still doing the egg hunt. I fear next year will be a different story.
How did the poison ivy turn out?
Happy Easter!
(thanks for your mag clipping in the mail! It was so cheery!)

Cecilia said...

Sounds like a fun day minus the poison ivy! Love the last pic!!!

Hope you guys had an AMAZING Easter!