Saturday, May 16

good bye 3rd grade

Wow, third grade is almost over!
Although they have to go back to school next week,
Friday was the end-of-school party.
We met up with the other 2 third grad classes at Skate Odyssey.
Skating rinks have not changed much since I was a kid.
What has changed is the surprising number of kids who
do not know how to skate.
Carly brought her own skates so she was the first one out.
She was one of only about a half dozen that brought her own roller blades. She was also one of the best skaters probably with the most skating experience. Carly has been skating since she was 3. I heard several kids say this was their first time to go skating.
Carly even commented that the arcade seemed to be more popular than skating. She said, "I wonder how much money they made in the arcade? I bet it was a lot." So we did some math and decided that the owners probably made more money in the arcade than what we paid to rent the skating rink. They probably also made as much in the concession stand.


lelly said...

we love to skate, and jack has been on skates since he was three, as well. it's true, now that you mention it... the couple of times we've gone to the skating rink for parties, a lot of kids have spent their time in the arcade. and some of them have spent their time going around the rink with a death grip on the railings!!

my favorite party ever was about 6th grade at a skating rink. good times. good times...

Keetha said...

Five full days and three half days left for me and this year will be over. I'm debating about what I will do next year - - - I'm strongly considering NOT returning to teach again.

patsy said...

don't know how to skate??

gee whiz- times have changed! I think we have owned at least two dozen pair of roller blades in this house... at least. They are usually worn outside though. We have a bucket full of them in the garage that I finally went through last summer & threw most of them away.

I was one of those kids/adults who can't skate- seriously I am so uncoordinated- I was the nerd on the carpet or hanging on the rail in sixth grade...
THANK goodness my kids got their ability to skate from their dad!

Jill said...

My kids don't really know how to skate! We've gone to several skating parties, but they both were super frustrated and ended up riding their scooters instead. It's bizarre really since roller skating was such a past time from my childhood.

Natasha said...

What a fun way to end the school year. She looks a grade older already.