Sunday, May 10


Carly's class took their final field trip for this year to Memphis Botanic Gardens for a program about plants around the world.
MBG had 5 tents set up - Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and India - with activities for each.

{learning about sassafras tree and making root beer}

{stamping rice paper with vegetable dye to make hats}

{having a traditional Japanese tea ceremony}

{getting the run down of the Africa area which included snacks, making masks with coffee grinds, digging for diamonds, and taking a tour of the rainforest's green house"

{goofing around in India's tent}

*It had been raining for days and we went prepared for mud. MBG had done a good job trying to guide kids to concrete or well drained, grassy areas, but there was still lots of mucky areas. I kept thinking of a kids' book that Carly loved when she was little. It was called Muddigush by Kimberly Knutson. It was a poem with the refrain...

smucky mush, smaky mush

squooshy slooshy muddingush


calista said...

This looks like a lot of fun!

Keetha said...

Great field trip!!!

Jill said...

That last photo is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Mud is better than rain! We are trying again tomorrow for a fun day. This time we are going to the more tries for outside. We had more rain today...Love, Mam-Mam