Sunday, August 9

check that off

{back-to-school cookies made}
When the first batch came out of the oven, Carly was eating one all warm and gooey. She said "this is why I always get the teacher I want, because they know they are going to get awesome treats!"
We take Carly's teacher goodies on the first day but she also thinks [and she's probably right] that lots of other people need back-to-school happies. So I make treats for her to give out to every teacher she has had since K3, the librarian, the school secretary, the principal, and frequently other people we run into in the hall. We are eagerly awaiting our stickers from Aunt Kacey {Doodlebugs} so we can package them up all cute.


Jill said...

You must be making A LOT of cookies! It's so nice of you guys to do this for the teachers. We've never given the teachers anything on the first day of school, but I think we should start.

Natasha said...

We bring the teachers a gift bag on the 1st day with treats, alcohol gel, fun pens and pencils, notepads, etc. Last year I included Doodlebugs notecards.

This year we gave choc chip cookies to the bus driver on the 1st day - this is the 1st male driver we've had and I figured he wouldn't want scented hand gel and stationery!

patsy said...

I love this idea!
I have been thinking about what we could do for the first day & this is a perfect idea :)

I'm heading over to doodlebugs right now-

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

the stickers were shipped out on thursday.. i think! My days are all running together and I have shipped out everyday this past week- but regardless they are on their way! Hopefully tomorrow. Time is running out!

Anonymous said...

You are a true teacher's kid...always remembering the teacher needs a treat after school too! Do you remember the big red (one of Daddy's old popcorn cans) after school treat can Shirley Turner and I fixed for the teacher kids one year? All of you were so happy...getting to dig for that special treat each day. love u, Mama

Terri said...

Carly is so thoughtful! I can't wait to hear about her 1st day!

patsy said...

what stickers did you use??
will you email me & let me know- I remember you did something so cute last year!! I have two weeks & want to do something this year- thanks-