Friday, August 7

is that a guinea pig on your head?

Carly and I got out this morning to run a couple of errands including finding a container to put her teacher's back-to-school happies in. We stopped at a gift shop and Carly ended up with a new webkin {with her own money}. After lots of name consideration, she named her Juarez {after the girl guinea pig in G-force}.
We picked up Carly's friend Miss K for some friend time. They talked non stop in the backseat of the car about the class lists. Carly had brought her yearbook so they could look everyone up.
We got some lunch and then headed to the movie. The night before Carly and Miss K had talked on the phone and decided on the movie. With some compromising, they chose G-force. When we got to the theater at 12:00, we discovered the non-3D version was playing at 1:05, not 12:15 like the paper said. {Carly doesn't really enjoy 3D movies} The girls had no trouble entertaining themselves. There is a small arcade in the movie. I told them I would give them money for 1 game so choose wisely {when did arcade games start costing $1}. They decided on this horse racing game. It was kind of amusing.


Natasha said...

Those 2 look like quite a pair! What a fun way to end the summer with a friend.

Terri said...

What fun! Movie, arcade, and a Webkin...all with BFF!

Jill said...

How was the movie? My kids really want to see this one and even I thought the preview was funny.

I know Whitney wants that Webkin too!

patsy said...

so did you see the movie?

I've been wanting to take trent, but i always have to talk him into movies... he never wants to go, but usually is glad he went-

libba said...

funny about the 3D...ever since disney world this spring, john camp will not go see a 3D movie. if that's all they have, then he chooses to watch with out the glasses. all the squirting, etc. at disney was enough to drive him to that!

we saw G force as well...and own hotel for dogs now b/c it was a favorite at the theater...gotta love the previously viewed movies for sale!

lelly said...

stop it! that is totally the hampton inn webkinz!! :) (we offered three this summer as a promotion.) jack named his "jason."