Saturday, September 19

birthday weekend

Mom, Dad, Kacey, Kenny, Carly and I went here.... {I love old water towers like this}
and we stayed here in this neat little cabin.
we hung out on the porch
{I love a porch swing}

we watched this little guy who really loved clover.

Saturday afternoon, this little guy adopted Carly. We finally left the porch to take a walk, "Max" took off in the opposite direction either headed home or to find another sucker to love on him.

Saturday, we walked to the square, shopped a little, did some people watching {I love old town squares full of little shops}

and listened to these guys.

and at night we listened to these guys

ate ice cream
{Carly chose raspberry sherbet the first night and pineapple sherbet the second night. The rest of us waited until we went back to the cabin to have vanilla ice cream with birthday cake}
and listened some more!
We also visited here.
{I love National Parks.}
More about that adventure in another post.

There was birthday cake for "Kim and Sue"- our family is jinxed when it comes to ordering birthday cakes. Mom, Dad, and Finn went together to renew my People Magazine! {I love cute napkins, birthday cake, and magazines!}

Kenny and Carly gave me a new tennis racquet. Carly gave me the card on the right. It says on the front "It's your birthday and I hope you dance" and on the inside it says "you're funny when you dance". Stinker.

Lots more birthday goodness was waiting for me at home. There was a card journal from Beege, Libba, and JC with a variety of greeting cards. Cards from Finn, Kacey, my co-workers, and my friend Keetha. Good mail from blogging buddies including quote note cards from Jill in Utah, gift cards from Michelle in Paris by way of Utah, a "Bless This Home" tile from Linda in California, a super cute "Boo" banner from Melinda in Utah {that got left out of the picture but will definitely make Halloween pictures}.


Anonymous said...

It was a Great week-end..hope you liked our little town. It just a wonderful place to rest your bones and get away from all that "stuff". Love to all! It's not raining, for the first time all week..going on a bike ride. Mama-Mam

Natasha said...

The cake is the best, Kim and Sue!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

And your gift is in my backseat.

I should warn you that Robert said it seemed like a crappy gift to give to someone.. HA! HA! ... makes you wonder huh? (of course he thinks People magazine is crappy too)

Had fun together last weekend.. celebrating Kim and Sue's birthday!

Jill said...

It looks like a fabulous birthday weekend full of things and people you love.

The birthday cake inscription is hilarious!! It reminds me of when I ordered a cake to congratulate Kristi's husband Jeff on getting accepted at Tulane Medical School and the cake person wrote "Congratulations on Two Lane". Oh dear.

Hooray for all that good mail!

Keetha said...

WHAT an ideal birthday weekend. Happy Birthday Kim and Sue!