Saturday, September 19

stalagmites or stalactites?

It was all very fascinating and it would be the perfect place for a science field trip. If I had gone here when I was studying stalagmites and stalactites, I might have remembered which was which.
I can't imagine the explorer finding a sink hole and having the desire to go down to find out what was down there. Now there is an elevator to go down, a really great walkway, hand rails and above all lighting.


Jill said...

Stuff like this freaks me out. I'm not so keen on dark, cave-like places. I have no idea which is which either, stalagmites or tites?

Celeste said...

Once again, beautiful photos..

Keetha Broyles said...

Actually, you have pictures of BOTH my dear!!!! Stalagmites rise up from the drips landing on the cave floor - - - so those are the ones coming up like spikes from the floor.

Stalagtites, (I remember it because they have to stick tightly to the ceiling) drip down from the roof of the cave, they are the icicle ones hanging down.

You have great examples of BOTH in these pictures.

calista said...

Great photos. Most of mine from down in the cave did not turn out well.