Saturday, October 24

4-6 weeks

Thursday afternoon we were over at a friends. The girls were all a little silly. We thought they were all tired from a week of achievement tests and being cooped up due to rain. I went to get Carly because we needed to go. They were all sitting quietly like they had gotten into something. Carly told me she had hurt her foot. I brushed it off and told her it was time to go. She was limping but I still told her to get her shoes. When she continued to limp {badly}, I told her to let me see it. A large knot had already jumped out on the side of her foot {not good I thought}. I half carried her to the car. Kenny was home when we got there. His assessment was the same as mine "not good".
They had been playing keep-away/chase with the dog while they scrambled across the furniture. Carly jumped off one of the chairs and landed partially on the Wii fit platform. She didn't want to tell us because she knew she should not have been playing on the furniture in the first place. But, none-the-less, it was a silly accident while kids were being kids.
We made a couple of calls including the after hours nurse at the pediatricians office {it was now 5:30}. Her recommendation was the after hours orthopedic clinic in Memphis. Initially that sounded like overkill and out-of-the-way but I am so glad we just went. Of course the facility is nice, the wait was not too bad, there was no H1N1 patients, and they took care of it right then, no referral for the next day.
Carly had her first x-rays. Dx = complete break of the 5th metatarsal {way up in the middle of her foot} Rx = a boot {especially to the swelling goes down}, elevated, iced, and check up next Friday to make sure there is no displacement once the swelling goes down. Healing time= 4-6 weeks.


Natasha said...

I was wondering how in the world she broke her foot! This is terrible. Hang in there Carly (and mom!).

patsy said...


I hate "the boot" but it does feel good/safe having one on with a break. It's a good thing she is young- She'll be up & runnin' in NO time :)

Celeste said...


Alisa said...

Oh the boot- I have seen more people in this fall than ever!
Hope she manages well getting around.
Poor thing- thinking of her. Ouch-

a happy heart blog. said...

Poor thing...4-6 weeks recovery, that's a long road for you and her. Take care and I'm glad she was able to ge the treatment she needed quickly.

Robyn said...

Oh No! Poor Carly. That's terrible news. It's so strange when breaks like that happen in such seemingly innocent circumstances. My friend's son broke his arm playing inside their van. I hope Carly heals quickly. Good luck with the entertaining, Mom!

Jill said...

Poor Carly.

It's kind of funny that she didn't want to tell you about playing on the furniture.