Friday, October 23

turns out it was the last game

Last Saturday it was early, cold, wet and game day!
The coach talked Carly into playing a quarter as goalie. It's funny because one season {1st grade, I think} all she wanted to do was play goalie. Now she has been trying to avoid the position! She did great. No goals on her watch! But she was happy to turn the yellow vest over.
I love this picture of Kenny coaching, encouraging, firing her up!
{Carly broke her foot yesterday, so no more soccer this season}


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

The pictures are perfect Kim Sue. You captured the intensity, the colors, the relationships. Really great.

Oh no.......broken foot....not good. What happened?

Dawn said...

Poor sweet Carly. I love the pictures too.

JD said...

I am so sorry about Carly's foot. Poor thing! Hope she heals up quickly, without a lot of pain!

patsy said...

she broke her foot?
how did that happen...?

My kids always got stressed out playing goaly- me too :)

I hope it's not too bad & she is up & running soon -
hugs to mom- these things are stressful!

Natasha said...

A broken foot!?
Don't leave us hanging! What happened? Poor Carly!!

Jill said...

Whitney used to want to be goalie so she wouldn't have to run as much, but now she wants to be a Forward so she can score.