Sunday, January 3

here comes santa, here comes santa

I love Santa. I mean who doesn't love the fun of Christmas morning full of traditions and surprises and SMILES. A couple of years ago, Carly declared on Christmas morning "I know this is from Santa because mama would NEVER buy this!"
This was our first year when I know that Carly "knows" but I think she has taken the mindset "if you believe, you receive". I wasn't sure what it would feel like with this new knowledge but she was content with the way things have always been. Although later, she came up and gave me a big hug and said "thank you". I asked her for what and she said "just thank you" What a little stinker!

At our house, Santa leaves some gifts unwrapped and others wrapped. He wraps in "santa" paper and sometimes uses those stick on bows. It always looks very different than the other presents under the tree.


Santa frequently leaves a couple of items out that can best be described as "for-the-easily-amused". This year he left a make-your-own rubber band ball, a gecko webkin [named Geico Gary or GG for short], and a set of flower pots with 12 bouncy balls to be used to play the bouncy ball game.


Carly got several things for her room. That cool adjustable lamp, a magnetic board, a pink garbage can, funky pillows for her bed, a rug for her bathroom and new sheets with peace signs on them. Kenny wasn't sure if these were "santa" worthy but Carly was more than excited about it all. In fact when we got home from mom & dad's and got it all set up and cleaned up, the first thing she wanted to do was to show it off.

There was also this towel wrap. I had to use this photo because she was amusing herself by putting it on but then declaring that usually she wouldn't have on her pajamas. Her sly little grin is precious but you can't see that it has a big "C" appliqued at the bottom.


Natasha and Julie also got a set of matching Christmas pajamas that coordinated with Carly's set. I also missed they had cute matching fuzzy slippers. Santa's elves are so clever!


Natasha said...

Luci got some things for her room too (a quilt, etc.) and I always love it when she is pleased with santa's practicality!

I was a little sad this year knowing this is will likely be Luci's last year believing.

patsy said...

I love this! I love santa too... practical presents are some of my favorite, even though it is fun to get the non practical kind.

carly is a cutie & a lucky girl to be so loved, with such a great family!

Celeste said...


Keetha said...

Kim Sue, what fun! I love reading about Christmas with your family and all the traditions.

Jill said...

My kids both still believe! It's so surprising to me, especially because Landon is 11 but he seems convinced.

We put a rubberband ball in Whitney's stocking a couple years ago, she loved it.

I should get one of those towel wraps for Whitney, she has a hard time holding the towel around herself and moons us frequently.