Saturday, January 16

we to see the wizard

Our local theater was putting on a production of Wizard of Oz during the first week of December. Carly had seen the poster and asked could we go. I said maybe. When I was organizing Carly's countdown box, I decided as one of our activities that we would go.
I asked Kenny if he wanted to go, and he asked at the Orpheum? I told him no that it was a local production and he said, I just saw an advertisement for the Broadway production of the Wizard of Oz at the Orpheum let's do that instead.
So I bought tickets {mind you 3x the price} for later in December and put the note in Carly's countdown box. The tickets were for Sunday evening after we had Christmas at the Lake House. Carly asked as we are pulling up in the driveway, can I open my countdown box doors? She opened Saturday and it was a little toy. Then she opened Sunday's box and it said "go see the Wizard of Oz". She looked at me with a little bit of a sad/confused face and said "but we missed it". {She hadn't said anything else about the local production but obviously she had known it passed by without us going}.
It was a wonderful show. Carly sat on the edge of her seat for just about the whole night. The costumes were fabulous, there was "flying" and other special effects and I think Carly's favorite, a real dog.
A perfect addition to our holiday season!

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Jill said...

How fun! You guys did such a great variety of fun things over the holidays. I really must be more prepared for next Christmas so we can do things like this.

If you have time, could you email me a list of what the advent calendar slips all said so that I won't have to start from scratch?