Saturday, February 20

double digits

After the winter swim, we came back to the house for pizza and birthday cake. The girls got a quick shower and put on their pajamas. They at pizza, fruit, and cheese puffs because "what's a party without cheese puffs"!
Carly opened gifts from the girls. Her gifts were a perfect picture of things that are in right now. She got a couple of packages of silly bands {religious & rock - slightly ironic, huh?}, a rat webkin {voted the BEST rodent to have as a pet}, a peace sign necklace, and gift certificates from Justice and Claire's. She had also gotten a couple of gifts from other friends including a Vera Bradley wallet, bath sprinkles, couple lip glosses, and a super cute clipboard with ribbon tied all over the handle {should have a picture to add but don't}.
What else should you do at a sleepover but eat cake and ice cream at 10:30 pm?
Carly was super delighted with her peace sign cake.
We cleared out the living room floor and put out sleeping bags. The girls climbed into their sleeping bags and put in Mall Cop. 3 out of 4 of them were asleep before their heads in their pillows. Swimming all afternoon made for some tired little girls!

The next morning they started the movie over and ate breakfast {cinnamon rolls & fruit} in their sleeping bags. After a couple games of hide-and-go-seek and balloon volleyball, it was time to get dressed. Carly said the only thing that would have made it better was if it hadn't been raining so they could have played on the rope swing.

After packing up and getting dressed, 1 very happy birthday girl with 3 good friends!


Natasha said...

Luci would love a party like this, looks like girl heaven!

Melinda said...

That peace sign cake is so cute! Ashley loves those right now.