Sunday, February 21


What a big weekend that we had planned. Mom, Dad, & Kacey came on Saturday bearing gifts for Carly {no surprises there}. Mom & Dad gave Carly her lifetime Mississippi Hunting License. Not an immediately fun gift but one that will keep on giving for many years to come! Aunt Kacey gave her a glitter filled bouncy ball and cute spring yellow box flip flops.
The girls got out and did a little shopping {Gordmans, JoAnn's, Marshall's} before deciding that it was just too busy and ended up at the Goodwill. I took Mom and Kacey for Happy Hour Sonic drinks since they are still without a Sonic.
The main reason for the visit was to see Jersey Boys. I gave Mom and Kacey tickets for Christmas and we have been anticipating this weekend. Our tickets were for the Sunday matinee. We ate lunch at King's Palace on Beale Street and if you want to experience the food on Beale Street, Sunday at lunch is a great time to do it. . The show was fabulous! I was expecting it to be good but it exceeded my expectations. The show moved so fast and the music was so good. I've even been listening to the soundtrack on my iPod. It was definitely a hit. We came home just in time for the Super Bowl. Kenny and Daddy had been at the house getting the game food ready {BBQ meatballs, sausage & cheese, then burgers, rotel dip}. We were excited the Saints won. Our families have been Saints' fans for a long time and pretty much thought that they would never go to the Super Bowl much less win one!
The plan for Monday was for Carly to go to school, Kenny & I to go to work, and Mom, Dad & Kacey to get on the road to go home. I got up at 6:00 and got dressed. I quietly went to the kitchen because Carly was asleep on the couch and had a few more minutes to sleep. I started getting breakfast ready and then went to the back door to let Gabby outside. That is the first time I paid attention to the fact that we had already gotten 4+ inches of snow. And Holy Cow, it was pouring down. Surprise, not one weather forecaster had mentioned snow much less accumulation!
We ended up with 6 inches of pure snow. That is unusual for us. When we do get "wintry precipitation" it is usually not much and it usually has ice in it.
So throw out all those earlier plans and slow down! That is what I love about snow days. School was cancelled which means my work is cancelled, Kenny's work was delayed and the family was temporarily snowed in.
Friends invited Carly over to spend the day playing in the snow. Kenny dropped her off on his way to work. She had a great day outside with friends and did not want to come home at 5:00 when I finally said "that is it".


Melinda said...

How fun to get a snow day! You have more snow than we do. That is definitely a great surprise to have Monday morning.

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Oh--I wish we had snow.