Monday, February 22

Happy Heart Day

Now that Carly is in 4th grade, there are not as many opportunities to be in the classroom. I miss seeing the whole group and it amazes me how much they are all growing up. It is a tough age of being a big kid but wanting to grow up.
Carly's school puts restrictions on holiday activities and for Valentine's Day they are only allowed to swap Valentine's and have a special snack. {This makes me a little sad but I guess I should be thankful that they can do that?} At least I was able to plan a fun special snack. We had red & white ice cream sundaes including vanilla ice cream, strawberries, M&M's, sprinkles, whipped cream and cherries. The kids loved it but can you believe only about a fourth of them wanted whipped cream on their sundae?
The kids delivered their valentines and enjoyed every minute of delivering and receiving. They were super cute and it was fun to see how much simple things make them happy.
{I thought it was kinda funny that Carly is sitting between 2 boys and I wonder if that is to keep her from being chatty with others?}


Amy said...

Neither of my kids like whipped cream. Every time I offer it to them and they say no I just can't believe it. Who doesn't like whipped cream?

Valentines day was fun this year, but now I'm faced with a little girl who got 28 cards and wants to keep all of them! I'm going to have to sneak them into the garbage a few at a time so she doesn't notice. Is that terrible?

Anonymous said...

Caroline doesn't like whip cream either. Boy, Mama sure does.

Caroline's school is the same as Carly's. I bought the cutest labels from your sister and we smacked them right on Fun Dips and Caroline was a super big hit. Easy and cute cute.

I agree with you on the classroom. I miss not being allowed in there more often. Also, I laughed out loud because Caroline is seated between two boys too probably for the same reason.

Kim Sue said...

Oh, I should have taken a picture of Carly's Valentines. We bought sour tape candy? Looks like a ruler? Our Dollar General has them 10 for a $1...junk candy that kids love. We ordered address label size stickers from Doodlebugs and stuck them right on the candy. super cute!

Jill said...

We're a house full of whipped cream lovers here, so I don't understand not liking it at all!

Carly is so fortunate to have so many good friends!