Sunday, August 29

too many choices

Our first attempt at making homemade pizza was a big success. We bought raw dough balls from a local Italian restaurant, cut them in half to make individual size pizza, and then tried to decide what we wanted to put on ours!

Here's mine on the grill.
It had pesto, chicken, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, onions, peppers
and I added a little blue cheese to top off the pizza cheese blend.

We had a lot of fun together in the kitchen making a big mess and ending up with really good pizza. There was lots of talk about the pizza we ate in Italy - love that super thin, crispy crust. There will definitely be more pizza nights in the future.

Carly is working on hers. First, she requested her crust be a little thicker than the others.
Then she added red sauce, meatballs, spinach,
cheese and topped it with diced fresh tomatoes and basil.
Thanks D for a super pizza paddle. It worked great! Carly's hot off the grill and ready to eat!
But not before she gave it a little drizzle of olive oil.
Kenny's was beautiful. He chose red sauce, bacon, artichokes, fresh tomato slices, spinach, and pineapple.


lelly said...

YUM!! (thinking i shouldn't have looked at these photos right before breakfast...)

Jill said...

These look so good I'm drooling! What a fun, creative dinner activity. Your grill is perfect for this.

libba said...

that's one of our favorite things to put on our egg! yall had some good topping choices! love carly's glasses. when'd she get those?

libba said...

never mind! just scrolled down! ha!

Melinda said...

Yuuummmyy! Wow, I need to try this.

Dawn said...

YUMMY!! Todd and Mason are pizza junkies! They both could eat pizza everyday!