Saturday, August 28

the trees actually have leaves

First, she tried to convince me for months that she could really see just fine. Then, she told me the reason that the spelling was so bad on her social studies notes was because she couldn't read the board. After that she worried that people were going to know that she couldn't see. When we made the eye appointment, she started stressing that she "really couldn't see" like it was going to be a test and she was going to get a bad grade.

(pair #1)

She had her first "ah-ha" moment during the eye exam when the doctor showed her what it looked like with and then without glasses through the little machine. With "Wow, I can actually read those numbers" and then without "It's just a big blurry blob".

After we FINALLY picked out frames and went back to pick up the finished product, she has only taken them off to compare what it looks like without them. All the way home, she was "oooing and ahhhing". Quote "Is this the way you have been seeing all the time?"

(pair #2)


Melinda said...

She looks so cute! We are headed in to get Camerons eyes retested for his yearly exam. I hate his glasses so I am exited to get a new pair for him.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe two people like us, who work with children everyday and look for things like this didn't SEE it...LU, Mama

Natasha said...

Luci got her glasses 6 months ago and just went back for her 6 month check up. They are so scratched we are getting new lenses but like the doctor said, that's good because it means she's wearing them!

Carly looks adorable!

I saw what you mom said . . .one of my contract jobs is a position of early intervention consultant for 4 regions of this state. I should recognize things like hearing and vision probs right off but didn't in my own child either!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

what? how did i miss this? she looks cute! I like both pair..

Jill said...

It's just crazy to think that she hasn't really been able to see well all this time!

Dawn said...

She looks so precious in both them!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Welcome to the world of glaases, Carly!!! I've been wearing them since 2nd grade!

I love both pairs, but the first are the cutest, in my humble opinion!

lelly said...

i got mine in third grade. and i definitely remember that feeling of "failing a test." carly looks totally adorable and radiant!