Sunday, October 16

his new digs

It's been 3 weeks since Kenny moved into his new place.
He is settling into apartment living
and trying to make the furnished digs feel like home-
minus Carly and me.
This past weekend, we made the trip to see him
and his new place.
It really hit home that he has moved,
and we are living 300 miles apart.
The girls made themselves at home.
Hey, Daddy has TLC, and we brought snacks-
what else can you ask for?
Glad Miss MM made the trip with us,
it kept it more like a vacation.
I asked Carly what she thought.
She said she was surprised because
she thought it would have a bunch of old lady furniture.
I found it interesting to check out Kenny's pantry and refrigerator.
Unless Kenny is grilling or preparing a big meal,
I do all the everyday grocery shopping.
Mini Shredded Wheat? who knew?


Keetha Broyles said...

Perhaps their "helplessness" when at home with us is a cleverly designed ruse - - -

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

well he has some whales so dad can come visit..

where are the cheetos, ding dongs, twinkies and chocolate milk? thats what robert buys when i send him to the store!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That's a funny post to post Kenny's pantry. I love seeing what other people have in their carts, too.

I do hope the 300 miles doesn't have to last looooong.

Natasha said...

Kim would totally be loving the white Bunny bread and Little Debbie snacks if she had to have a separate pantry from me!