Thursday, October 13

new orleans ... day I

We arrived late afternoon on Friday in time for a walk down Canal Street,
onto Royal Street and into Jackson Square.
It had been years since Kenny and I had been to New Orleans.
It was Carly and Miss MM's first trip.
I told them that I was 12, when I went to New Orleans the first time.
We went to the World's Fair in 1984.
We hadn't been in the Quarter anytime and
the girls had gotten their first beads
and seen living statues.
They were hanging out in Jackson Square
while I was wandering around with my camera.
There is no shortage of photo material in N.O.
Andrew Jackson and St. Peter's with the sun setting.
Kenny making friends.
Hanging out, watching Ole Man River. Getting our first taste of street performers.
These guys were really good.
Then discovering our favorite street performers this trip.
Carly and Miss MM were just standing on the sidewalk listening.
I went into this little shop, looked out, and
discovered that they had just made themselves at home.
I think Carly and Miss MM were won over when they played
Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars.
Enjoying the French Quarter at sunset.
We thought we were going to eat at Acme Oyster House,
until we saw the line.
So we went across the street and ate at Felix's.
We all had po-boys and gumbo...YUM!
Back down Canale, headed to the hotel,
one last stop,
frozen yogurt at Pinkberry.


Dawn said...

Love the pics and so glad that you all got to spend a great weekend in NOLA together.

Natasha said...

Neat to see the city through your lens. Looks like a fun trip! What did Carly think of it? Griffin thinks the FQ smells like a poop diaper.

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

how was pinkberry? its all the rave right now but wondered if it was just popular right now or actually really great?