Thursday, October 13

new orleans ... day II

Where else would you start your morning?
We had to wait in line for a table and
Carly asked "is it really worth it?".
By the time we were finished,
she was asking if we could order another plate full.
Lesson learned ...
on a windy day, do not sit down wind of the the beignet table,
you will get covered in everyone's powdered sugar!

Jackson Square on a a beautiful October morning.

We spent the morning in the aquarium
(on a post beinget sugar rush).
We had a good time
although I want to go back and catch the otters when they are frisky and playful.
It makes me think of us going to the Memphis zoo, and taking a section at a time.
I could see Carly camped out at the otters for hours.
While I made a bathroom stop,
they found this tank that you could climb in and look out.
When I downloaded my pictures, I found about 20 shots a lot like this one.
The girls liked the interactive section and
had to be run off from petting the sting rays.
Looking for the sea turtle? or maybe the sharks? or the biggest sting ray?
The closest thing to an amusement park ride that we found.
The girls rode this glass elevator.
The first 3 stories are inside the mall
but then it goes up several stories on the outside of a hotel.
It is probably a good thing that Kenny clarified
"only once" before they went up.
Back outside and enjoying a beautiful day.
We hung out on some steps and
listened to these guys.
They were really good.
Kenny and I loved the washboard player.
The girls loved the dog.
Another lesson learned ... we snacked early afternoon and
then went to the Acme Oyster House at about 4:30.
We were able to walk right in, sit at a good table, and not feel rushed.
We got a dozen raw oysters and
the girls tried their first oysters
(we even got the T-shirts to remember it).
This is the good picture of Carly's experience!
Miss MM, on the other hand, ate a 1/2 dozen.
We had more po-boys, and I had a sampler plate with
jambalya, red beans and rice, & gumbo...Super Yum!
Back to our favorite corner to listen to more music.
The girls really liked these two girls.
They even bought one of their CD's.
I heard Carly singing to hers in the shower yesterday.
Have you ever seen that Pixar short film with the 2 street performers that are trying to get the little girl to give them her coin instead of her throwing it into the fountain?
This guy came through and joined in one song. He reminds me of those guys in the film.

We hung out and listened for a while --

making requests - Wanted Dead or Alive by Kenny
Coldplay by Miss MM.
I don't know if Carly ever made a request?
They didn't know Little Pink Houses but they played Jack and Diane. We were there long enough for it to get dark.
We saw a small "Get Your Pink On" parade
and then this wedding party


Natasha said...

Gorgeous aquarium pics. Mine never turn out well in there. I love that place. We have a pass and go over and over!

Natasha said...

P.S. is the elevator in Canal Place? If so Eliot and I love to go to Anthro when I have meetings in New Orleans and then catch the Starbucks across the hall!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

I love that oyster face..