Thursday, August 23

2012 : week 34

We took a trip to New Orleans
to celebrate Back-to-School.
We were all ready for a little weekend away.
We saw a Saints game
which was lots of fun!

We did a little site seeing in the rain
listened to some music
did a little shopping
and ate WAY too much!
It was raining so much that
I left my camera in the hotel room a couple times.
Don't you know, as soon as you do that is when you want it!

Bloody Marys from Corner Bar and beignets from Cafe' du Monde


Natasha said...

Luci has that same Vera Bradley Carly has! She looks so happy at the game.

Melinda said...

Carly is so pretty! She has grown up so much this summer. Looks like a fun trip.

Anonymous said...


Natasha said...

Did y'all do okay with the storm? Just lots of rain I hope? When I read your creme pie comment I laughed...Kim bought white bread for the kids as a hurricane treat. 3 loaves! And the leftovers are calling my name. I can totally relate. Little debbie zebra cakes are my ultimate weakness. I was glad I had my grocery sushi when I did because there is still none to be found.I even checked around at a few stores today, none. Makes you appreciate it more when it's gone. Also those nugoo (however it's spelled) dark chocolate pretzel bars and the Kombucha I bought...can't find those either. Ready for some normalcy here but sad to go back to work tomorrow.