Thursday, August 30

2012 : week 35

1st half of week 35 was full of softball
including a road trip to Madison to play the Jackson Victors.
We were glad MamMam and Grandaddy made the trip
and got to watch a little ball. 
2nd half of week 35 was dominated by Hurricane Isaac.
Since we moved to the southern part of Mississippi,
we are about 70 miles from the Mississippi Gulf Coast
and 100 miles from New Orleans.
Close enough that hurricanes headed into the Gulf gets your attention
especially on the 7th anniversary of another little hurricane called Katrina
We stocked our pantry with supplies,
bought a weather radio (that I wanted to shoot before this was over),
filled our cars with gas,
stocked up on water and batteries,
moved the patio furniture inside.
We were as ready as we could be,
but thankfully all we got was steady wind and rain for 3 days!
Carly got 2 days off from school,
and we all had cabin fever before it was over.

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Natasha said...

So glad it wasn't bad for y'all either. Personally, I loved the week off of school and work!