Thursday, September 6

2012 : week 36

At the beginning of the summer, Carly was aggravated that I told her it was bed time.
I can't remember what time it was.  It doesn't matter.
It was just the thought that it was summer, and I had the audacity to send her to bed.
She responded that this was going to be the worst summer ever.
Going to bed might have spurred the comment,
 but it probably had more to do with the move.
The next day, after a good night sleep, I asked her to come up with a bucket list
of things that she wanted to do this summer that would make it fun.
Besides going back to Hernando, she couldn't come up with a list.
So, I decided that when we did something during the summer
that she seemed to enjoy or asked to do again,
I wrote it on a card and hung on her door.
There are bigger things like going to the beach,
4th of July family weekend in Clarksdale, and
a trip to Hernando,
but there are also tons of small things
like swimming, eating watermelon, playing tennis.
I wish I had been better at documenting the small stuff,
but overall a great look at summer!


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that summer is winding down or else you will need to start papering the walls!

Natasha said...

This is an awesome idea! My bucket list was so small.

Melinda said...

My kids went through the same thing with bed time! I am so glad I wasn't the only one battling this!

This is such a great idea and a great reminder.

patsy said...

this is brilliant!
thanks for sharing